These days, it is extremely easy to walk into any exotic mall of your choice or even a local shop in the corner of your area and come face to face with multiple options of assortments of drinks strategically and colourfully displayed in fridges and various shelves.

Ranging from locally brewed drinks such as Lamugin, Pito, Sobolo, Brukina, even Ice Kenkey to the processed sorts such the carbonated drinks, fruit juices, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, down to energy drinks that claim the heroic abilities of being able to boost a person’s weakened state, the options are indeed endless.

Therefore it truly is somewhat difficult for the uninformed to walk to the right shelve, and pick up the best drink that really meets the right need of satisfaction and also truly serves the purpose of keeping one healthy.

Thanks however to Vitamilk Ghana, the safest and most delicious of options have been made directly available to your doorsteps with a range of exciting flavours you can choose from. Not only is a genuine sweet taste with every gulp of each of the variants promised, but a 100% guarantee of good health is also assured with every refreshing gulp!

Take for example the Vitamilk Double Choco which is an excellent choice for all chocolate lovers to enjoy themselves in the healthiest way possible. With the recent addition of rich cocoa powder to the original Vitamilk Double Choco recipe, customers are in for a treat as the formula has been reformed to produce an even tastier and healthier Vitamilk Double Choco Shake.

When one makes purchase of a bottle of rich creamy Vitamilk Choco shake which will undoubtedly satisfy your taste buds and hunger bangs, one is assured the health benefits in the reduction of high blood pressure, the lowered risks of a heart attack, a surge in cholesterol and the possibility of diabetes being present in one’s body as it maintains a healthy level of sugar.

The Vitamilk Double Choco Shake also contains nutrients such as vitamin A and iron essential to one’s reproductive system especially expecting mothers and babies as it promotes a healthy development during pregnancy.

Lovers of Banana are sorted with the Vitamilk Banana variant which is a refreshing blend of banana and soy beans heavily rich in vitamin C. Also enriched with an adequate amount of potassium, Vitamilk Banana helps with keeping in check, a consumer’s heart problems and (or) high blood pressure issues.

It would excite consumers to know that this refreshing and tasty variant of the Vitamilk family contains no fat or cholesterol thus Vitamilk Banana can be taken at any time of day even at night and still serve all its purpose of satisfaction and healthiness.

Vitamilk Energy is indeed a masterpiece and the perfect option for any and everybody looking to boost their energy at all times of the day. Made with various natural ingredients which include: barley, malt, black sesame seeds and brown rice added to the original formula to create a perfect bottle of black cereal soy milk, Vitamilk Energy should be the  first option to boot out weakness of any sort in one’s body.

When looking for a stimulating drink which contains the right nutrients to boost your immune system as well as play a vital part to your bone health, be sure that your first choice is the Vitamilk Energy variant; the perfect drink from the Vitamilk family which literally helps to reduce one’s body weight and any underlining heart issues.

Consumers are sure to get addicted to the new yet equally welcomed member of the Vitamilk family, the Vitamilk Strawberry variant. Vitamilk for the love of their customers have added a great mix of fresh strawberry to the wonderfully existing recipe to sort out strawberry enthusiasts with the new Vitamilk Strawberry.

Not only does it come in an impressively attractive bottle, but the Vitamilk Strawberry is sure to keep one nourished as it contains multiple nutrients including vitamin C and B, manganese, potassium and calcium, which undoubtedly aids in the control of sugar in one’s body, reduces inflammation of any kind, and particularly with the help of calcium, one’s bones and teeth are definitely strengthened.

Thus if you are looking to satisfy your strawberry cravings while enjoying a good and satisfying meal which automatically protects you and your health, look no further than the sweetly revitalizing Vitamilk Strawberry variant.

But what if all one really wants is a normal tasty variant that still serves as a meal and is beneficial to their health without needing or wanting to make any added choice? Of course Vitamilk Ghana has the answer.

With the most popular and original Vitamilk Regular, which is also the first variant from the Vitamilk family, consumers with the need for simple and fast are spared having to make a choice as you can easily walk into a mall of your preference and just pick up an original bottle of Vitamilk Regular.

A bottle of Vitamilk Regular is full of rich and creamy soy milk which is high in protein and fibre, low in saturated fat and is cholesterol and lactose free. These nutrients which can be found in a bottle of original Vitamilk Regular couple to boost one’s health by improving bone and heart health, lowers blood pressure and also perks up one’s blood vessels.

So! What then is your excuse for not being a part of the exciting Vitamilk Family and being pampered with refreshing varieties you can choose from? Staying healthy all the while enjoying yourself with a good and simple meal does not get better than this!!

Hurry and walk into any mall or that small shop in the corner of your area and treat yourself to the best and healthiest drink on the Ghanaian market which is FDA approved, a 100% organic and be blown away with each refreshing taste of all five variants of the Vitamilk family.

Be it the Vitamilk Double Choco, Vitamilk Banana, Vitamilk Energy, Vitamilk Strawberry or the Vitamilk Regular, health and satisfaction is guaranteed. There is absolutely no limitation whatsoever with Vitamilk as it is easily accessible, can be consumed by all age groups at any time of the day, and comes at a very affordable price. Vitamilk: A happy meal at anytime.

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