Vitamilk Mother’s Day Campaign

“When you look into a mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.” – Mitch Albom

Mother’s Day is a day for honouring and celebrating mothers worldwide and their influence in our lives.

Who is your mother and what Vitamilk variant represent your mother?
Is she the Vitamilk energy booster? The one who fights your battles for you or gives you the hard training, very strict mom who never spares the rod?

Is she the Vitamilk Funky banana? The fun-loving kind of mom, just like a sister, sharing the same wig and high heels and very young at heart?

Is she the Vitamilk Double Choco? The cool, pampering type who corrects you in the most loving way possible, and just too sweet?

Is she the Vitamilk Original; Sweet, strong and cool at the same time and does so effortlessly?

A week to the Mother’s Day celebration, Vitamilk initiated a challenge on social media; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter dubbed “Which Vitamilk is your mother” asking people to do a video sharing which variant fits their mother.

30 people out of the lot were surprised with the new Vitamilk Strawberry Variant. The awards were presented on Sunday 10th May at Lapaz.

The challenge was a successful, increased reach, engagement and impressions on the various social media platforms.

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